New driver restrictions now in force Belgium/France

Please note the following information we have received from one of our French hauliers

Dear Partners,
It has brought to our attention, that the law in which prohitbits the drivers to stay on board their vechicle during the normal weekly rest period, will now begin to be inforsed: law:“ as defined by Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of Council fo 15 March 2006. This is in affect in Belgium, and now also France has passed the law,
Based on this law, it will be highly penalised when drivers will be in truck for their long weekend rest of min. 45 hours or more. Penalty shall be 30,000 EUR and 1 year of prison.
We, while making services for You, are transiting / loading / unloading in affected countries. Therefore this law will influence our services towards You, as well as our internal costs.
As we are, by far, not fully informed about content, casuality and full details of mentioned law, we are, except of pre-advicing you about possible necessary changements in system of work, transit-time and price concipation
Any queries, please ask
Kind regards